Protect your investment by providing the ideal cellar environment with a state-of-the-art Wine-Mate wine cellar refrigeration system. A balance of temperature and humidity is critical for the proper storage and aging of wine. Temperature affects the rate of maturation while the right humidity keeps corks in good shape. Ensure your wine cellar has the proper conditions with a Wine-Mate cooling system. Select from self-contained, split or ducted cooling systems, all designed specifically for proper wine storage.

On each cooling unit product page you will find a link to our installation and instruction manuals. Please review before purchasing so you know what to expect when your cooling unit is installed. Cooling units must remain upright at all times.

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There are three types of cellar cooling systems.:


Self-contained cellar cooling systems by Wine-Mate are affordable and easy to use. They feature patent pending humidity and temperature control, perfect for the long term storage of wine and other premium goods. Smart design allows for ease of installation, eliminating the need for a costly HVAC/R technician. Temperature and humidity are controlled digitally maintaining a temperature between 50~65 °F and humidity of 50~70% RH.  Multiple configurations allow for top or rear hot exhaust. Each self-contained unit is ready to use upon delivery. All Wine-Mate units are handcrafted to order in Rancho Dominguez, California.

Self Contained Cooling System

Split System

Split systems by Wine-Mate are perfect for properly insulated and sealed wine rooms. By using a split system, the cellar will maintain a temperature between 50~65 °F and humidity of approximately 50%RH even when the surrounding environment (outside) becomes dry and humid. This is perfect for the long term storage of wine. The condensing unit can be installed in a separate location as far as 50 feet away, allowing for quieter operation than a self-contained system. There are two different kinds of split systems; air-cooled and water-cooled. A licensed HVAC/R technician is recommended for installation. All Wine-Mate units are handcrafted to order in Rancho Dominguez, CA.

Split System


Wine-Mate ducted cooling systems are designed for flexibility of installation. Sleek construction allows the unit to be installed inside the cellar while remaining relatively hidden. Smart technology provides a well-insulated and sealed wine room with the ideal environment for the storage of wine (temperature 50~65 °F and humidity 50~70% RH). SSH units consist of a condensing unit and an evaporator unit. They are connected by a liquid line and an insulated suction line. SSH condensing units can be located away from the evaporator unit 50 ft so that noise and compressor vibration are isolated. SSH evaporator units are designed to provide chilled air to wine a cellar through ducts and can be located up to 25 ft away to reduce noise. A licensed HVAC/R technician is required for installation. Each Wine-Mate unit is handcrafted to order in Rancho Dominguez, CA.

Ducted System